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  • Building Flight Confidence

    Building Flight Confidence

    First Flights Review As a new drone pilot, I am slowly building confidence in flying my DJI Mini 3. After my initial surprises at how quiet the drone is and how amazingly stable it is right after launch, I am still experiencing new wonders. Inverted Controls Flying a drone and seeing everything unfolding in real…

  • Cool Drone, but it’s still a camera!

    Cool Drone, but it’s still a camera!

    Flying a drone is super fun but at the end of the day, if I can’t get decent photography and videos the excitement of owning a drone ends with the landing. Photography is King It’s important to remember, we are in the photography business, not the drone business. The drone gets the camera into the…

  • My First Drone!

    My First Drone!

    I was not prepared for this experience. As a tech guru supporting Apple products (, I knew Apple was pretty keen on DJI Drones. As I recall, they actually offered them in their stores. Skipping the long story, I broke down a purchased a DJI Mini 3 and began reading and watching everything I could…