About the Guildsman


Hello there.

I’m Dana Haynes, a certified Part 61 Private Pilot, artistic photographer and, a newly certified Part 107 Drone Pilot. I love amazing tech and drones seem to be the next big “up-and-coming” thing. It would come as no surprise to those who know me that the confluence of tech, photography and flying might propel me into a new career of flying through the air, snapping photos and shooting videos for anyone who needs this type of service. Since I’ve just completed my Part 107 exam, I am ready to help those who are trying to achieve the same goals and dreams.

So, whether you need Part 107 Test Prep or you want to capture images of your event or project, I’m just a click away! You can reach me at the phone number below. If you want to know how I passed my Part 107 Exam and just need the test prep notes, click the Blue Button below.