Construction Monitoring

Using a drone in your construction business is an absolute. One of the greatest advantages of drones is to document the entire project from land survey to grand opening. What owner would not love an amazing time-lapse video of their entire project from start to finish? The marketing department will love you too! The same shots you take for construction purposes become brochures and web-sites! But that’s not the main reason to fly a drone. There’s something of far greater value.

Drone’s not only give you a two dimensional picture of the construction site from above at a vastly sharper resolution than Google Earth but using amazing new technologies such as “Drone Deploy,” we can create a complete 3D high resolution model of the entire project! 3D Modeling allows you to view, analyze, and detect everything from volumetric fill to cracks in a facade wall.

Every thing from roof inspection to plumbing trenches can be mapped and scrutinized saving thousands of dollars due to the detection of issues no one could spot from the ground. Drones can even match survey land markers to actual locations on the build site to super close precision. Start the process well before the first shovel hits the ground.

The bottom line… drones make a difference to your bottom line.