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  • Remote ID is Now Active

    Remote ID is Now Active

    Flying a drone? Big Brother is watching! Or at least he may be. Let me explain.  As of March 16th 2024, “Remote ID” is mandatory on all drones flown in the United States weighing over .55 lbs.; whether flown commercially or recreationally! A few years back, the FAA told drone manufacturers that if they wanted…

  • Airspace Part 1

    Airspace Part 1

    Let’s practice with the MBS Airspace. It has a five mile perimeter around the Midland, Bay City, Saginaw International Airport. This airspace is a type of controlled airspace called “Class D.” It extends from the surface up to 2500 feet above the ground. Any and all aircraft must have FAA Authorization to enter and operate…

  • My First Drone!

    My First Drone!

    I was not prepared for this experience. As a tech guru supporting Apple products (MacHelpGlobal.com), I knew Apple was pretty keen on DJI Drones. As I recall, they actually offered them in their stores. Skipping the long story, I broke down a purchased a DJI Mini 3 and began reading and watching everything I could…