Remote ID is Now Active

Flying a drone? Big Brother is watching! Or at least he may be. Let me explain. 

As of March 16th 2024, “Remote ID” is mandatory on all drones flown in the United States weighing over .55 lbs.; whether flown commercially or recreationally! A few years back, the FAA told drone manufacturers that if they wanted their drones to be available in the United States, they must have Remote ID built into the drone. This electronic chip is turned on by default, it may not be disabled or turned off and… it’s a bit of a blabber-mouth!

What is Remote ID

Remote ID technology reports the drones altitude, location, direction of flight, speed and many other points of data. It also reports the location of the drone controller, meaning the drone operator. Anyone with a receiver app can see this information, live… in real time. This means that the FAA and local Law Enforcement can find you if they need to. Does this seem troublesome?

Remote ID may not be as scary as it seems. Remote ID will ultimately be used to keep drones from bumping into each other in the sky and its purpose is to enhance safety and security of the airspace. So while there is a bunch of data being transmitted by the drone it shouldn’t be an issue for folks who fly legally.

While the FAA is probably way too busy to worry about me flying my drone in the back yard, buzzing an NFL stadium while the game is in full swing is another story. Be assured that the authorities can and will find you.

Get Legal

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