Do I Need a License?

If we fly a drone, we must have a FAA Pilot’s License. Let me explain this because it sounds pretty extreme.

When we are talking about “licenses” we are not talking about a license for the drone itself. That would be called a “registration.” Instead, we are talking about is a “Pilot’s License,” and there are two types of drone pilot licenses offered by the FAA. 

The first type of drone pilot license is for commercial operators, that’s called a “Part 107 License.” This type of license allows us to make money using our drone. The other pilot license is called “Recreational.” This type of license is offered to those of us who just want to fly our drones for fun, or “recreational” purposes. It’s called the TRUST Certificate.

Anyone flying a drone, anywhere in the United States is required to have one of these two licenses, either the easy to get and FREE recreational license called the “TRUST Certificate,” or the harder to get Part 107 License.

Here’s what the FAA says,

“The law requires that all recreational flyers pass an aeronautical knowledge and safety test and provide proof of passage if asked by law enforcement or FAA personnel. The Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST) was developed to meet this requirement.”

Since there are only two types of flyers, recreational or commercial, this means that everyone must have a license to fly a drone.

If you have a drone and want to be legal, let me help you get your recreational license… it’s FREE! Just click HERE to get started. Its easy, it’s fun, it turns you into a legally licensed FAA Pilot, it’s free and it will take you only about a half an hour to go through the material and take a super simple quiz. Get your TRUST certificate today, it’s way cool!

Next week, let’s talk about that Part 107 license. Even if you fly for fun and put your videos on YouTube, you probably need this license.








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